vignal brand



Vignal is well known as a top quality brand, designed and produced to respect the most severe manufacturers specifications.

A true specialist and leader in signalling products for commercial vehicles. From Tail lights to position lamps, Vignal offer all of the signalling products which will allow your vehicle to be seen by on and off road users. This implies a total respect and knowledge of international regulations to come to a product which will enhance the safety and security of everyone involved. Vignal has proven to be an expert regarding design, photometrical and optical requirements and accompany through the whole life of a project creation.




ABL is a premium global brand and technology leader with many years of experience in lighting for industrial applications. Known for developing and manufacturing exterior lighting systems for decades, ABL uses the most advanced and innovative LED technology for efficient systems and is a preferred brand chosen by major worldwide industrial vehicle manufacturers.

ABL Lights was founded in 1875 as Auteroche and focusses its’ strategy on exceeding customer demands and expectations to earn the trust of customers day to day needs.

With plants in the USA, France, and China, ABL has become a global force to drive performance, customer service, and technical support expected by prestigious original equipment manufacturers of heavy duty industry.

Located in Rancate, Switzerland, CEA is a well-known specialist of safety systems for special vehicles : beacons, lightbars, work lights, extinguisher holders, signalling triangles

Its products have a very strong reputation, particularly in the agricultural field and dedicated distribution where they are commercialised under different brands, including the brand Sacex.

CEA can develop custom-made products for its customers by relying on its optics, electronics and mechanics competencies serviced by a qualitative industrial tool.




For over 60 years, Sesaly has specialized in the design, manufacture and marketing of on-board solutions to combine mobility with comfort & safety. With its strong technical and industrial expertise, the Sesaly brand meets all vehicles needs; from buses & coaches, to industrial vehicle and rail transport markets.

Sesaly offers off-the shelf products as well as customized products.




See and be seen

SARR is the leading brand in reflective safety products for all types of vehicles. Founded in 1947 with the historic manufacture of ARA lights, SARR has become a leading brand capitalizing on its experience in passive and illuminated signalling as well as the manufacture of electric harnesses.

Thanks to its silk-screen printing equipment, SARR's pre-cut marking kits can be customized for emergency, light commercial or industrial vehicles. SARR products comply with current regulations while improving user safety.

NBB brand



NBB is recognized as a premium brand by professional users in the Auxiliary segment. With a rich tradition of developing aesthetic products and manufacturing powerful extra main beam lights, NBB is well known by car and truck enthusiasts where light is drastically decreasing during extreme weather and winter seasons.

Founded in 1992, the NBB brand has been known for a strong background in automotive headlight design. The result is an auxiliary product leader that delivers best in class products, through outstanding performance and high reliability in harsh operating conditions.




Sacex is a well-known historic brand on the French aftermarket and agricultural market. Famous for its beacons and universal security lights.