For more than 50 years, Vignal Group has specialized in signalling for commercial and industrial vehicles. Close to the needs of our customers, we design, manufacture and commercialize innovative lamps to be seen by road users. We are famous for our expertise as designer of LED or bulbs tail lights, position lamps and all types of cabin lights (indicators, end-outline marker lamps). Our care in the design and quality of products has attracted major commercial vehicle manufacturers in the world. Learn more


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FA3 LC12 LED - End outline marker lamp LED left side 12/24V cristal + red + amber


FA3 LC12 LED - End outline marker lamp LED right side 12/24V cristal + red + amber

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Are you looking for on & off-road lighting to equip your vehicles with specific functions?

Vignal Group offers a complete range of signalling lights with a range of functions:

  • Front position lights, front clearance lights & front turn signals
  • Side turn signal repeater lights, side lights, side marker & retro-reflector lights
  • Multifunction rear lights, rear turn signal lights, rear position & turn signal lights, stop lights with rear position, stop lights with rear position & turn signal, fog lights with or without retroreflectors, reversing lights, reversing lights & fog lights, reversing lights with retroreflector, number plate lamps...

Some of our products are single function, others offer multiple functions.

Are you looking for quality lights, designed & manufactured to last?

All the signalling lighting for industrial vehicles offered in the following pages are approved according to the European regulation (ECE) in force. They are all waterproof (IP 67) and compact thanks to the LEDs which compose them. We also offer a range of SAE approved lights.

Our range of lights is designed & manufactured to operate with a supply voltage ranging from 9 to 32Vdc and also resist to temperatures ranging from -20° to + 70°C


Would you like to know the best practices for installing & cleaning lights? Here are our tips!

  • Always observe the approval marking on the lights to know the mounting direction.
  • Always install the rear light or side marker light on a flat surface.
  • To ensure proper breathing of the light, they must be equipped with a Gore membrane must be installed with a gap behind the membrane.
  • To avoid water ingress by capillary action, all wiring must be absolutely waterproof. In order to ensure the watertightness (IP) of the tail light, it must be mounted with a watertight connector, the connector/cable seal must be made with a heat-shrink sleeve.
  • Always protect the cables from rubbing when passing through sheet metal surfaces.
  • Always clean the lights using soapy water and a microfiber cloth. Never use a corrosive or scratchy cleaning product, nor gasoline or alcohol-based products.