Vignal Group, specialist of lighting and safety for industrial and commercial vehicles

Our R&D Laboratories

At the heart of regulations


It is at the very heart of our R&D centers that we carry out various tests in order to be able to offer a qualitative and reliable product. Thanks to a recent and powerful equipment we can analyze with precision our products in order to propose the best solution to our customer.

Our products are at the heart of th regulations to respect local standards in terms of road safety and users safety. We design all our products with a real concern for quality, safety and compliance with current regulations. Our laboratories allow us to prepare our products for approvals while being flexible and responsive.


Our tests and trials


Our engineers develop high-tech solutions ofr all industrial sectors. From the choice of components to the circuit structure, our teams study and design electronic boards that give our products better thermal management, less consumption and a longer LED lifetime.


The mastery of light is our job. Our engineers design innovative optics to optimize the light emitted by our products. Beyond style and design, we offer perfect regulatory knowledge and measure our products to ensure complete comformity.

Thermal and vibratory tests


We subject our lamps and projectors to extreme weather tests ranging from -40 ° C to + 90 ° C. These tests help refine the design of our products to offer robust and resistant concepts.

Trailers and trucks are subject to many vibrations throughout their service life on the roads they use. That's why vibratory tests are part of the indispensable tests done at Vignal. The many hours of vibratory testing ensure product quality and guarantee the proper functioning of the fire in harsh environments.

Water resistance tests

Water being one of the enemies of signalling lights, we expose our lamps to extreme weather conditions. From the simple rain simulation to the high pressure jet, the lamps are subjected to all possible meteorological conditions. This allows us to guarantee an optimal watertightness of the product and a resistance to corrosion.


To test the mechanical capabilities of a new concept, we have a complete prototyping laboratory with a fleet of 3D printers.


Our engineers can test their electronics concepts in an instant with our SMD (Surface Mounted Devices) machines.