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Globally committed to developing innovative lighting products, we offer customized solutions to many of the world's premier original equipment manufacturers as well as adapted products for the after-market industry. We specialize in supporting the construction, mining, agriculture, forestry, handling and utility vehicle industries with our Heavy Duty work lights range. Learn more


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Which outdoor lighting to select? Several criteria come into play, including:

  • The desired function: work light or spotlight
  • The technology used: Halogen or LED
  • Design: with round, square, oval, or elongated light
  • The ignition mode: with integrated switch or to be installed remotely.
  • Orientation: fixed or adjustable installation manually or motorized
  • The mode of attachment to the vehicle: screw, suction cup or magnetic
  • The number of lumens, i.e. the light output. The number of lumens allows to measure and compare directly the quantity of light emitted by a light. Some of our products have a light output of up to 12,000 lumens, like SHD 12000.

LED work lights allow you to increase your field of vision at night. They bring safety to your employees and their vehicles and thus allow you to work faster, more accurately and be more productive at night.

There are many uses for these outdoor work lights depending on their specifications (selection criteria).


For which applications should an outdoor light be used?

Equipping a tractor or an agricultural machine for agriculture and forestry will allow you to work at night in perfect lighting conditions.

Intervention vehicles such as police cars, fire department or ambulance vehicles are called day and night, in the city and in the countryside. The lighting of isolated rural areas can be non-existent and the same in the city after a certain hour. Lighting with powerful LED working lights allows faster rescue of victims.

Outdoor lights are designed for construction, logging, mining and forklift trucks.

Outdoor lights are also installed on construction vehicles or temporary hazards such as utility vehicles, trucks, garbage trucks, collection vehicles and tow trucks.