For over 60 years, Vignal has been working alongside global leaders in the industrial vehicle sector. At Vignal, we understand the high demands of heavy truck manufacturers. Our top priority is the safety of drivers and other road users. That's why we offer truck lighting and safety products that combine numerous qualities sought after by industry professionals: compliance with safety standards, durability, reliability, as well as performance and intelligent design. We design the solutions of tomorrow with respect for the environmentand regulations by deploying an ambitious CSR policy.

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Validated technology bricks


Customized solutions

As a leading original equipment manufacturer, we provide innovative products and solutions specifically fitted to trucks and heavy vehicles. Our experts rely on your needs and market trends to offer innovative concepts, including:

  • mock-ups,
  • electronic simulations,
  • thermal simulations,
  • optical simulations,
  • rheological simulations.

We carefully select and validate components for their reliability, performance, and lifespan. Moreover, we guarantee full compatibility with vehicles, including connectivity, interface, dimensions, plug and play, and specific requirements...

We provide comprehensive support throughout the project, from design to integrated manufacturing and delivery.

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Our truck solutions


Rear lights for trucks

Commercial vehicle and truck manufacturers choose Vignal's rear lights for their design and quality. Our rear lights are packed with LED or halogen technology.

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Robust LED beacons

Our premium ATLAS range of beacons is specially designed for on-site applications or to signal hazards around the vehicle.

Discover the ATLAS range

Close-range lighting

Work continues at night. Our LED work lights are designed to ensure uniform lighting for your comfort and manoeuvres.

Discover our work lights for trucks

Sesa Tunes Advanced electric Avas sound system

We offer a range of sound solutions for electric or hybrid vehicles, all compliant with the R138 or FMVSS-141 standard.

Discover our AVAS solution
trucks expertise vignal group
Understanding, analyzing, and adapting to your needs... That's also our expertise!

Vignal's expertise for creating your truck and heavy-duty vehicle lighting or safety solution.

IATF Certified Organization

IATF Certified Organization

Respect for Deadlines

Respect for Deadlines

A Robust Product

A Robust Product

Mastery of regulations and traffic laws

Mastery of regulations and traffic laws

Project management

Project management within Vignal Group entails a dedicated and multidisciplinary team to create unique products.

The project of creating a headlight or tail light for a truck is the ideal opportunity to establish a recognizable image, a signature for your vehicle. Our project teams are fully committed to meeting specifications and deadlines. That's why our technical contacts are in direct communication with your teams. Indeed, we believe that we progress faster and more effectively thanks to this multidisciplinary organization serving your project. We adapt to the different cultures that make up the manufacturers' teams and establish connections between different sites worldwide.
Our responsiveness, proximity, and expertise are the keys to the success of your project.

local production

Local and Integrated Production

At Vignal, we support our clients by guaranteeing them best-in-class processes and technologies as close as possible to their production lines. This strategy allows us to gain flexibility and responsiveness while supporting the local economic fabric.

Learn more about our CSR strategy.

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