Trailers and Semi-trailers

With over 60 years of expertise in integrating complete lighting systems on trailers and semi-trailers, Vignal Group is the go-to expert for ensuring the safety and compliance of vehicles on the road. Whether for rigid, tarpaulin, refrigerated, or tipper trailers, Vignal offers reliable and innovative solutions, whether customized or standardized, meeting the highest quality standards of manufacturers.

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trailer lighting systems

We develop custom full lighting systems 

Our multidisciplinary teams work with you to develop custom lighting, complete wiring, and safety solutions tailored to your specific needs.

As a true partner to major truck trailer and semi-trailer manufacturers, we provide R&D expertise as well as BEST IN CLASS production capacity. We offer you our various areas of expertise:

  • Mastery of regulations
  • Expertise in electricity, connectors, and wiring
  • Expertise in optics and electronics
  • Adaptation to volume needs from small to very large series
  • Manufacturing according to IATF 16949 standards
  • After-sales spare parts service 

Find the lighting and signaling adapted to your semi-trailers:

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Our solutions for semi-trailers


Wiring and lighting systems

We offer custom or standard wiring and lighting systems, contact us for any specific requests.

Complete kits

Rear lights for trailers

trailers Our LED rear lights are specifically designed for trailers and semi-trailers in compliance with current regulations.

Discover our rear lights

LED position lights

Our 24V position lights are perfectly adaptable to different trailer configurations. 

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Approved reverse work light

For increased safety during maneuvers, install approved R23 reverse LED work lights.

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TRAILERS AND SEMI-TRAILERS expertise vignal group
Understanding, analyzing, and adapting to your needs... That's also our expertise!

LED light signature

Our LC12 LED and LCR19 LED rear lights are the result of close collaborations with our customers and partners, offering design, robust, and reliable solutions. Their compact design integrates additional connectors and integrated resistance, thus optimizing assembly time on the production line. 

Vignal's expertise for creating your trailers and semi-trailers' lighting or safety solution.

IATF Certified Organization

IATF Certified Organization

Respect for Deadlines

Respect for Deadlines

A Robust Product

A Robust Product

Mastery of regulations and traffic laws

Mastery of regulations and traffic laws

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