Interior lights

LED 12/24 OR 9/32Vdc round or square ceiling light solutions, to be built in or wall mounted.

Our ranges will light up the interior of your commercial vehicles, your trucks, or agricultural / special vehicles.

Several ranges are available:

  • Recessed LED ceiling lights approved for food transport;
  • Warm white circular/rectangular LED ceiling lights;
  • Cool white circular/rectangular LED ceiling lights;
  • Adjustable circular / rectangular LED ceiling lights;
  • Circular/rectangular LED ceiling lights with presence detector or touch switch.

These models of ceiling lights can be offered with a touch switch or a sensing cell. Various supply voltages that can be directly connected to the vehicle battery are available.

The advantages of ceiling light:

  • 2 LED colors available (warm white or cool white);
  • High light performance;
  • Low power consumption;
  • High impact resistance;
  • Ranges specially adapted to commercial and industrial vehicles.
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Ceiling light 2250 - 4 LED ceiling light 124x124mm with movement detection PIR


Ceiling light 2250 - 4 LED MASTER ceiling light 124x124mm with movement detection PIR


RAD - 3 LED Stop request repeating box called RAD.P for bus and coach by SESALY

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Opting for LED vehicle interior lighting has several major advantages:

Low consumption, compact dimensions & warm or cold colored light.

The LED interior lighting solutions we offer are easy to integrate because many of our models are plated and available in different supply voltages directly connectable to the battery of your vehicles: 12 Vdc or 24 Vdc or 12/24 Vdc. Most of our vehicle interior lighting products are offered with a diffuser to avoid glare which can be annoying with LEDs of a certain power.


Are you looking for LED ceiling lights to equip your commercial vehicles, your trucks or your agricultural and special vehicles?

Vignal offers a range of LED ceiling lights with a variety of functions :

  • Rectangular or round ceiling lights to better fit your vehicle's interior
  • LED ceiling lights with warm or cold light
  • With touch or mechanical switch
  • With presence detection cell to bring you more comfort & generate light without having to press a switch, which can be useful when you are working and going back and forth in your vehicle
  • Or adjustable ceiling lights, to allow you to direct the light flow to the area you want to light in your vehicle


Are you looking for LED lighting solutions or LED indicators to equip your commercial vehicles?

We offer 12Vdc or 24Vdc LED beacon lights in white or blue color to be plated & 12/24Vdc LED indicators to be embedded in different colors.