Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Responsible and Committed


The deployment of our sustainable development policy is a vector of progress consistent with our strategy of geographic development and sustainable growth.

Vignal Group has adopted a Corporate Social Responsibility policy by voluntarily integrating environmental, social and societal issues, responsible purchasing and governance of all its divisions.

By placing CSR at the heart of its business model, Vignal Group in interaction with its stakeholders, affirms its willingness to act in a spirit of innovation to meet the new challenges of global markets, sources of sustainable value creation.


Governance and Acts


At the instigation of its Chairman, Vignal Group has made a significant change in its governance of CSR.

This milestone has been translated into strong management actions with the establishment of the CSR Committee, CSR Charter, Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct for Responsible Purchasing.

Our voluntary participation in extra-financial ratings and annual reporting in accordance with the requirements of Article 225 of the Grenelle II confirms our commitment to a continuous improvement approach based on a sense of responsibility and transparency.

In addition, since 2015 Vignal Group has joined the United Nations Global Compact to mark its CSR commitment and publishes a Cop on the United Nations website.

All of the group's employees have been involved in the sustainable development process for many years through ISO 14001 certification. Today, CSR is anchored in the DNA of Vignal Lighting Group.

Emmanuel Magat – Industry and CSR Director

Vignal eco-designs its products to last the lifetime of the vehicle. They can be reused on other vehicles as well. When it comes to their end of life, the products can be deconstructed to be recycled.

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