LED lightbars are used by intervention or work vehicles to signal their presence to other road users. These lighting devices ensure optimal safety for drivers and workers in the vehicle's area.

Light ramps for construction vehicles, trucks, police vehicles, tow trucks, ambulances, UAS and industrial vehicles

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MULTILUX - Mini-rampe MULTILUX to fasten with bulbs H1 12 et 24V included amber


MULTILUX - Mini-rampe MULTILUX magnetic with bulbs H1 12 et 24V included amber


MULTILED - Mini-rampe MULTILED to fasten MULTIFONCTION (rotative - FLASH -2 FLASH), amber - lights syncronysées


MULTILED - Mini-rampe MULTILED magnetic with 3 suction pads MULTIFONCTION (rotative - FLASH -2 FLASH), amber - lights syncronysées      

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The LED light bars ensure optimal safety for drivers and operators in the vehicle's perimeter. ECE-R65 & CEM ECE-R10 approved, they are available in different lengths and beacon colors: orange, blue, dual colour orange/blue.

The light bars are specially designed for :

  • Emergency intervention vehicles (police, firemen, ambulance, EMS...),
  • Road construction and roadside assistance vehicles,
  • Long or wide vehicles,
  • Heavy load vehicles,
  • Towing vehicles, waste collection vehicles, sweepers,
  • Industrial and agricultural vehicles,
  • Pilot cars.

Also find models of lighted scrolling message signs and scrolling ramps to ensure the safety of responders or a parked/slow moving vehicle.

Are you looking for an LED or halogen light ramp for intervention vehicles?

Vignal Group offers you a range of products with a modern design with high light performance. All our models are approved ECE-R65 & EMC ECE-R10 & offer different types of lengths, color: orange, blue, orange & blue, & different types of fixations: by drilling, magnetic or with suction cups.

Some products have a bright, customizable white center cover to allow you to enter the text of your choice.


Our ramps have a polycarbonate cover that gives them great resistance to shocks and over time and have an IP Protection Rating which is the international standard for waterproofing.

Some versions are 12Vdc or 24Vdc, others are dual voltage (12/24Vdc) & incorporate LED flash or rotating lights in orange or blue colors. Modular & configurable according to your needs, our ramps are custom designed & manufactured in Europe and can integrate front & rear LED spotlights in the ramp, side LED lights to illuminate the work area.

Other versions offer different LED light modes to create light flashes of different rhythms (+ or – fast), or a day/night mode to adapt the light level to the ambient lighting.

Are you looking for a solution to ensure the safety of the responders of a parked or slow-moving vehicle? Opt for a scrolling ramp that allows you to effectively signal the presence of an intervention vehicle and redirect the traffic flow!

To control your ramps, Vignal also offers a range of multi-touch control boxes with backlighting with a compact design so easy to integrate into your intervention vehicles or an HMI panel with 100% customizable screen


The proposed light ramps are designed for

  • Emergency intervention vehicles, such as gendarmerie, police, firefighters, ambulance or UAS vehicles...
  • Road construction and roadside assistance vehicles
  • Long or wide vehicles or heavy-duty vehicles
  • Towing vehicles, waste collection vehicles, sweepers,
  • Agricultural and industrial vehicles & pilot cars