Vignal Group implements a development strategy focused on customer satisfaction and value creation. This strategy is based on important pillars, profitable growth and respect for people and the planet. Our Code of Business Ethics affects every one of our employees, suppliers and customers. Each employee is responsible for customer satisfaction, and brings his best expertise to meet his needs. It is in a prosperous universe, that our teams evolve and propose innovative solutions.

The Group organizes the development of its divisions around the world, relying on the deployment of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and 5 Axes.

CSR and 5 Axes... to achieve sustainable development


The Vignal Group’s CSR policy covers environmental, social and societal challenges, responsible purchasing and the management of each of its divisions. Its industrial and commercial policies are guided by these important prerequisites.

Staff involvement

Involving the staff means learning their skills and improving them through training, giving them the means to exercise their responsibilities, encouraging them to make suggestions for improvement and to participate actively in the operation of an autonomous production team.

Vignal Production System

The SPV is intended to improve the productivity and quality of products and systems. The means implemented are: the organization in drawn flows, the flexibility of the means of production, the elimination of all the unproductive operations and the stop of the production at the first defect.

Constant Innovation

To design innovative products that are easy to manufacture, of quality and at the best cost while reducing development time, Vignal Group generalizes the organization into Project Teams and the simultaneous study of products and processes.

Suppliers Integration

The integration of suppliers allows them to benefit from their capacity for innovation, to develop productivity plans with them and to improve quality. Vignal Group wants to establish and maintain long-term relationships with a small number of suppliers chosen from among the best in the world, a close and profitable relationship.

Total Quality

The total quality has for reason to be the satisfaction of the Customers. To meet their expectations of quality of products and services, it requires the continuous and rigorous application of 5 Axes. It is implemented by all members of the company and suppliers.