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Vignal Group offers innovative solutions to increase safety of users and drivers. Your safety is our concern, this is why we offer reliable products to make people feel more secure. Our range goes from LED beacons to camera systems, directional lights and alarms...

USB charging sockets, reversing radars, retrovision, sound feedback kit, switches, control units, sun visor display, voltage converters, cigar lighter sockets…

Accessories 12/24 Vdc : USB charge sockets, reversing radars, rear vision, sound return kit, switches, control boxes, sun visor display, voltage converters, EAD, pictograms, cigarette lighter sockets, reflectors and discs & tares…

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Wired Camera systems - Complet HD 720P wired system with 7" screen and 120° camera


Wireless camera systems - Wireless HD system 2.4 GHz with multi display 7" screen


Accessories wireless systems - 7" multi display 720P wireless 2.4 GHz screen


Accessories wireless systems - Wireless HD 1080P camera for D16044 system or D16055 monitor


Accessories wireless systems - HD-1080P WIRELESS magnetic battery camera for kit D16044 or screen D16055


PEGASUS LED - LED Beacon FLEXY AUTOBLOK, 3 functions (rotating, flash, double flash), amber


Accessories wireless systems - 7" multi display wireless 2.4 GHz screen recording function


Wired Camera systems - Complete wired system with 7" screen and camera CMOS

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Why is it essential to opt for equipment that improves the safety & comfort of your commercial vehicles & drivers?

Commercial vehicles are often under-equipped, they travel fast and can be driven almost 40,000 km / year, as much as a truck: 3 good reasons to check that their equipment is adapted to your needs.

In addition, commercial vehicle drivers need to perform maneuvers every day in an ultra-precise manner to avoid collisions, which is much more difficult & riskier without driver assistance equipment. Improving the driving and working conditions of your drivers will allow you to secure your fleets & limit their risk of accidents, synonymous with costs and loss of revenue.


Are you looking for solutions that bring safety & comfort to your commercial vehicles or trucks?

Vignal Group offers a whole range of equipment that will allow your vehicles to gain in safety while providing comfort to your drivers:

  • Blue or orange flashing lights, directional lights and LED flashlights 12/24 V: class 1 or 2, in orange, blue, green, or red colors, our flashing lights are approved R65 (highway code), ICAO (airports) and ECE-R10 (electromagnetic compatibility) & offered with 5 fasteners: 3 points, central bolt, shaft, flexible or magnetic shaft. We help you choose the right beacon for your needs.
  • Driver assistance equipment, such as Vision 360° eliminates blind spots Rearview solutions with color screen (link to camera) make certain maneuvers safer
  • Warning systems such as priority or urban audible warning devices will allow the driver to give a signal to warn his environment of a danger
  • Reversing alarms that will significantly reduce serious accidents involving reversing vehicles
  • Reversing radars that also facilitate manoeuvring and indicate by sound and/or screen the distances between the vehicle and any obstacle
  • Intercoms to allow your teams to communicate between the rear of the vehicle and the cab
  • Alcohol immobilizers (EAD) which, once installed, can allow your vehicles to start only after checking that the driver's blood alcohol level allows him to take the road
  • Pictograms carrying children or sun visor displays
  • USB, 230V & 230 Vac power distribution solutions will allow your mobile teams to carry out their work in the best conditions when they need to operate their professional tools or their computers / tablets
  • Energy conversion solutions such as bucks or voltage lifts
  • And finally, cigarette lighter sockets to allow you to power certain temporary equipment such as work lights or magnetic flashing lights