Warning sounds and alarms

12/24 Vdc or 12/48Vdc audible signalling, from 77 to 100 dB : warning device, multi- case tones, diffuser, mini warning device, microphone alarms, alarms of backward movement, buzzer.

Discover the Vignal 12/24V reversing alarms for trucks and industrial vehicles. Whether integrated into the rear light, universal mounted, with a standard or multi-frequency sound, you will find the alarm adapted to your use: construction sites, warehouse, transport ...

Many intervention and work vehicles are required to signal their presence with a regulatory horn. Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of all categories of vehicles concerned by the regulation.

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ASS - Exterior urban reprogrammable warning sound for bus / coach


SESA Tunes - Warning sound for electric bus/coach: AVAS + gong + reverse alarm

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Audible warning devices for priority vehicles

According to the decree of 30.10.87 modified by the decree of 27.08.15, all priority vehicles must use horns to signal their presence to other road users; the latter must then give them priority.

Category A horns are reserved for priority vehicles of general interest. This category includes:

  • The tone reserved for police, customs and justice department vehicles used to transport prisoners
  • The tone reserved for the intervention vehicles of the gendarmerie
  • The tone reserved for firefighting vehicles
  • The tone reserved for the intervention vehicles of the Mobile Hospital Units (UMH)


Audible warning devices for non-priority vehicles

Category B horns are reserved for general interest vehicles benefiting from passage facilities (non-priority). This category includes:

  • The tone for ambulances of medical transport, vehicles of medical associations dedicated to the permanence of care, vehicles of doctors during their departmental guard
  • The tone for the vehicles of intervention EDF / GDF and the vehicles of the services of surveillance of the SNCF
  • The tone for the vehicles of transport of funds and escort of the Bank of France
  • The tone for the intervention vehicles of the freeway and dual carriageway management services.


The characteristics of our horns

Two models are available for priority vehicles and vehicles with easy access:

  • The horns with sirens;
  • The horns with sirens and public address (public sound system).

UTAC approved, the horns proposed by SESALY have several advantages:

  • They are composed of a loudspeaker equipped with UTAC approved sirens
  • They are multifunctional: UTAC sirens with or without public address depending on the model
  • They are easy to install.


Audible warning devices for electric vehicles

Deemed too quiet, European electric and hybrid vehicles are a danger to pedestrians, cyclists and visually impaired people.

Since July 1, 2019, European electric and hybrid vehicles must be equipped with a horn to simulate a thermal vehicle noise to warn pedestrians that the vehicle is in operation and reflect the behavior of the vehicle to other road users.

The vehicle shall produce a sound between start-up and until a speed of 20 km/h is reached or when reversing.

The Sesaly model: STA urban horn

This urban horn has 3 functions: AVAS sound, urban horn and reverse alarm.

Light and compact, it is ideal for new generation electric vehicles.

Its advantages: multifunction, universal solution, integrated day/night tone function, waterproof, low consumption, easy installation, EMC approved (10R03).


Audible Backup Alarms

Audible reversing alarms are used by some industrial vehicles to warn road users and pedestrians that they are reversing. They are a particularly effective safety solution for avoiding collisions and better estimating distances.

The classic audible reversing alarms for construction vehicles, trucks, agricultural vehicles, cranes, vans.

  • Their characteristics: sound power ranging from 77 to 102dB depending on the model.

Ultra-compact back-up alarms for industrial vehicles, trucks, agricultural vehicles, cranes, vans.

  • Their characteristics: light and ultra-compact alarms, waterproof, shockproof (for the alarm models), to be plated, embedded or bayoneted according to the models, sound power from 87 to 100dB, intermittent sound or not.

The SESA White noise back-up alarm for intervention or construction vehicles

  • Loudspeaker emitting multi-frequency white sounds and limiting noise pollution for local residents. Its characteristics: instantly locatable sound confined to the danger zone, very low consumption, CE approved, SAE J994.

As a specialist in sound signaling solutions, Sesaly offers several other models of speakers and sirens for your industrial vehicles.