Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions



Our approved lights are still compliant if 1 LED chip is failing but we advise to replace them for greater security.

All our work lights are either protected against polarity inversions or have no polarity.

All our original equipment LED products VIGNAL, ABL and CEA are protected against overvoltage.

Les avantages de la LED sont multiples :

The advantages of LEDs are many:

  • the service life is multiplied by 60 compared to a standard halogen bulb.
  • consumption is 5 times lower than halogen, which has a direct impact on fuel consumption and the real economy achieved in just one year of use.
  • maintenance is simplified, no more time lost to change bulbs.
  • the luminous performance is more important and allows a better visibility and consequently a better security.
  • the color of the lighting is closer to daylight than for halogen or xenon.
  • thanks to their small footprint and performance, the LEDs allow ever more innovative and appealing vehicle designs and signatures.

The lifetime of LEDs is directly related to its electronic design and in particular to the thermal management of the electronic circuit as well as the heat dissipation. Our original equipment products VIGNAL, ABL and CEA are designed for a lifetime superior than the vehicle’s beyond 30,000 hours of use.

The theoretical lumens are the lumens measured instantaneously at the LED source output, that is to say from the LED alone, without it having time to heat, without glass or reflector.
Operational or effective lumens define the amount of actual and functional light of the product, ie in field use, while it is hot and in the desired work area.

Our products are developed according to the specifications of the manufacturers, so they are at their request either 12V, 24V, 12 / 24V, 9 / 32V, 10 / 100V ... etc


IP code classifies and rates the degrees of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects (1st number) and liquids (2d number).

If no requirement is specified in one of these fields, the letter X replaces the corresponding digit.


Blue-colored work lights are regularly used on industrial vehicles to secure the vehicle's progress in the warehouse by producing a blue spot on the ground (warning light).
They are also used in agriculture, to illuminate the sprayers and to have a visual control of their good functioning (the drops are more visible thanks to the blue light).

Each system has its advantages and disadvantages. If you opt for a quick and easy installation, we advise you to choose a wireless system.
If you opt for better image quality and 100% reliability, we recommend wired kits that can not be disturbed by other devices.


All our products are approved according to the regulations in force. Some products are not subject to any regulations (such as work lights). The user is responsible for the conformity of its vehicle’s equipment.

For added safety, the new R48 - revision 6 stipulates that on a trailer longer than 9 m (and on a selection of transport vehicles) the side marker lamps must flash at the same frequency as the direction indicator lamps (source : Vignal offers two solutions to respect this regulation: the management of the flashing side marker lamps by our LC12 LED taillight or by our SMCU (side marker control unit).

The illuminating surfaces of a license plate are regulated according to regulation R4. To facilitate their installation, we gathered the mounting drawings for each license plate integrated or not to a rear light.

The Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) ECE R10 is a set of tests (including CISPR25) to attest to the ability of a device to operate as intended in its electromagnetic environment without itself generating electromagnetic disturbances for its environment. The various interactions can come from radios / TV, mobile phones, GPS Navigation, radar surveillance, on-board electronics ....

The manufacturer's specifications refer to the CISPR 25 standard ranging from 1 to 5. Our products are certified to a minimum of class 3 which ensures that the legal standards are met. Many of our products also meet the requirements of class 5 which ensures optimal operation without electromagnetic disturbances for the vehicle or the product.

Any vehicle of general interest, slow-moving or bulky can be fitted with special rotating or flashing lights.

Only vehicles equipped with ECE-R65 approved beacons can circulate on the public road network.
The ECE-R65 european directives indicate the light values, colors, flash patterns, visibility angle ...

All of our beacons are ECE-R65 approved with the exception of Puck and Fresnel.

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The ADR sign means the product is homologated on vehicles which are under ADR regulations (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road).

The ADR products have an ingress protection rating of at least IP54.