Reflective signalling

Retro-reflective tapes or plates solutions: pre-cut kits, striped tape in rolls, contour safety tapes, and plates for Heavy Good Vehicles (H.G.V), Light Vehicles (L.V.), Utility Vehicles (U.V.), vans and motos.

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Retro-reflective marking kit - Pre-cut retroreflective kits for vans (visible at 100m)

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Adhesive retroreflective markup can save lives


One of the main risks of road traffic is the lack of anticipation of drivers. At night, a long vehicle is not visible from more than 150 meters. The objective of complementary signage such as retroreflective marking is to give the motorist precise and rapid information, namely, to materialize the external contours of vehicles in intervention and to make the vehicle visible even at a very long distance.


Which retroreflective markup solutions should I choose?

The screen printing of the markings you select must correspond to the application concerned: screen printing for commercial vehicles, trucks, police, agricultural convoy or exceptional convoy in addition, your marking must meet the criteria of the regulations in force in France, namely:

  • Its design must correspond to the regulatory graphics
  • A minimum of marking surface is required by regulations
  • The positioning of the markings on the vehicle is also defined by law
  • The approval number must be indicated on each white streak
  • The minimum reflective power imposed by law corresponds to the quality of reflection class A microbead, visible at 100m. But other even more efficient qualities exist such as class B microbead, visible at 250m and class B microprism, visible at 500m.

Vignal Group offers a complete range of retroreflective lighting for any type of intervention vehicle: The entire range of lighting products supplied by the group meets French regulations.