Thanks to its experience, Vignal Group has skills in mechanics, electronics, thermal, lighting and optics that allow us to design and assemble tailor-made on-board solutions.
Our solutions meet current railway regulations and standards.

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City of Dijon

City tram

Bespoke interior LED lighting for the Dijon tramway designed and manufactured by SESALY.

TGV Oceane

SESALY custom-made all the lighting for the TGV Océane:

  • Passenger car LED lighting
  • Direct and indirect LED lighting of the bar car
  • LED table lamps and overmantels
  • LED lighting in the intercirculation area, signage strips, stairway markings

City of Tours

City tram

Creation of the red and white LED light signature of the Tours tramway by SESALY.

City of Lille


The white and red LED light signature of the Lille metro was designed and manufactured by SESALY.

SESALY produces tailor-made light and sound signaling for your rail vehicles.

City of Paris

MP14 subway

Custom-made production of all interior LED lighting (illuminated slab, spotlight, door light) for the Paris metro MP14, designed and manufactured by SESALY.

City of Strasbourg

City tram

Made-to-measure production by SESALY of the white and red LED light signature for the Strasbourg tramway.

City of Dubai (United Arab Emirates)


SESALY's achievements on the Dubai metro:

  • Light signature design
  • Off the shelf front signaling lights
  • Rear signal lights (re-used)
  • Power supplies

City of Sydney (Australia)


Tailor-made design of original equipment traffic lights for the Sidney metro.

Renovation of signalling lights

City tram

Vignal Sesaly is also involved in vehicle equipment renovations.

The cities of Saint-Etienne, Nantes, Valenciennes and other municipalities have trusted SESALY to replace the halogen traffic lights of their trams with LED traffic lights.

LED traffic lights provide better visual comfort for drivers, better visibility for people around vehicles (pedestrians, motorists, cyclists, etc.) and reduce vehicle maintenance costs thanks to the longer life of LED sources. .

Citadis X02 & X05

City tram

Sesaly has designed and manufactured horns to equip trams in the Citadis range offered by Alstom, CAF, as well as metros and regional and high-speed trains:

  • Interior sound diffusers (door closing, fault present, in the driver's cabin)
  • Outdoor urban warning devices (compact, modular, configurable)

City of Caen

City tram

For the Caen city tramway, Sesaly produced the LED light signature as well as the design and manufacture of the USB sockets.

City of Lusail (Qatar)

City tram

The LED light signature of the Lusail tramway was designed and manufactured by SESALY.

Sesaly has also provided USB sockets to provide more comfort on board.

SESALY produces tailor-made light and sound signaling for your rail vehicles.

Renovation of the SNCF train

Suburban line

Sesaly is also involved in renovating the devices in your vehicles.

For the Z2N train line Sesaly has designed a new range of USB sockets and converters for car renovation.

City of Sydney (Australia)

City tram

Tailor-made realization of the LED light signature of the Sydney tramway by SESALY.

Interlock breathalyzer for train driver

Marketed since 2010 by SESALY, the AUTOWATCH alcohol ignition interlock device is the first UTAC-approved EAD allowing remote downloading of data by radio frequency.

This EAD (Etylotest Immobilizer) makes it possible to check its proper use, automatically without moving in the vehicle.

The EAD AUTOWATCH is effective because it allows remote data management. It has the simplest installation on the market and allows clear and efficient data analysis to directly extract recorded anomalies. It is ultra fast because no waiting is necessary for it to start before blowing, its wiring is the simplest on the market; The tool is also versatile: dual voltage (12/24 Vdc); a single and unique reference for all (the fleet) of vehicles, whatever the vehicle.


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TGV - 2N


Sesaly has fitted all TGV 2N bespoke door opening warning devices as original equipment.

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Warning sounds


Sesaly produces bespoke sound signaling for your rail vehicles.
For the RER NG, Sesaly has created door opening warning devices (original equipment).
Sesaly has fully equipped CAF vehicles in the city of Luxembourg with audible warning devices.

Sesaly is also involved in renovation projects such as the Flexity tramway lines in Lyon and Grenoble, which have opted for new audible warning devices designed and manufactured in France: ASS.

City of Paris NAT train


Complete interior lighting of the train for the city of PARIS entitled: 'starry sky'.



Creation by SESALY of the interior lighting and beaconing of the Thalys toilets.