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There are several models of USB charging sockets. Discover the characteristics of these products and choose the most suitable range for your needs.

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The benefits of USB charging sockets for buses and coaches

There are several ranges of USB sockets for buses and coaches:

  • Dual USB3 charging plugs for plating;
  • Dual USB3 charging sockets with column mounting.

These devices are approved and comply with the EMC regulation R10 04 (relating to magnetic compatibility). They provide high charging current (2×2.5A) and high mechanical resistance (5000 operations).

All socket ranges are also equipped with the most effective protection systems against output short-circuits, overvoltages and reverse polarity.

Easy to integrate, the backlit USB3 charging sockets allow you to power all the multimedia devices of your bus and coach passengers (laptops, computers, tablets, headphones...) and bring a high level of comfort to your vehicles. Several colors and options are available with our different models of USB plugs.