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Power conversion - Energy conversion: 6A/10 step-down power supply

C GP02

Power conversion - Energy Conversion: Central Flashing (Alternating Output)


DISTRI - Protection box & load shedding board of 230 VAC distribution regime IT solution


DISTRI - Reinforced 230Vac + E power socket of 230 Vac distribution regime IT solution

Z 8TR2

Power conversion - Energy conversion : step-down power supply (1 flashing light on each side)


Power conversion - Energy conversion: 18A/21 step-down power supply


Power conversion - Energy conversion: 12A/18 step-down power supply

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The benefits of 230V power distribution solutions for your buses and coaches

Sesaly offers specific 230Vac power distribution outlets for buses and coaches. Two solutions are proposed with these socket models:

230Vac + T reinforced sockets in standard distribution solution with TNS neutral regime.

The solution includes a 24Vdc/230Vac charger converter, a TNS protection box and 230Vac sockets with reinforced T. This distribution solution offers blue backlighting with voltage presence indication and high resistance (50,000 operations).

Its advantages:

  • Complete and economical solution
  • 100% secure
  • Robustness
  • The 230Vac + T reinforced outlets in distribution solution with IT regime. The 230Vac Distribution IT regime offer is a premium solution for complete distribution with impedance neutral.
  • Approved and complete solution
  • Intelligent solution (automatic load shedding capable of permanently checking the consumption on each feeder and permanent insulation monitor)
  • 100% secure solution, equipped with child-protection shutters


This solution includes a fully configurable 24Vdc/230Vac converter, a protection and load shedding box and 230Vac sockets with reinforced T-pieces specially designed for buses and coaches.

Both of these 230Vac distribution solutions are equipped with a safety system that provides optimal protection against overload, short circuit and overheating. The sockets are available in maximum power (for vacuum cleaners) and can supply all your on-board electrical devices.