VIGNAL LIGHTING GROUP extends its product portfolio with CEA

VIGNAL LIGHTING GROUP extends its product portfolio with CEA

"After more than 60 years at the helm of the company he founded in 1955, Mario Bellù wanted to organize the transfer of the company CEA (...)" - 19/09/2016

Lyon Corbas, France, September the 19th 2016

After more than 60 years leading the company that he created, Mario Bellù has decided to transmit his company CEA SA, located in Rancate (Switzerland). He has chosen VIGNAL LIGHTING GROUP, a leader on the Lighting-Signaling market for on-road and off-road commercial vehicles. The agreement signed between Mr. Bellù and VIGNAL will be effective before the end of September.

CEA is recognized as a safety product specialist for vehicles, with products focusing on beacons, barlights, fire extinguisher coffers, warning triangles and other specialized lighting solutions. The products have a strong reputation, especially in the agricultural and aftermarket sectors and are distributed under various brand names.

Thanks to organizational expertise with optical, electronical, and mechanical skills, and by relying on qualitative industrial capabilities, CEA is able to design tailor-made products for customers. CEA has also managed a successful conversion to LED technology for the product range.

Well established in Europe (Lyon and Caen), North America (Mosinee, WI), and Asia (Dalian), VIGNAL LIGHTING GROUP anticipates the ability to accellerate growth by offering new product lines to the exisiting customer portfolio as the CEA products are complementary to existing lines, e. g. beacons.

Moreover, the Group expects this acquisition to strengthen the overall value proposition within various markets where market share is limited, e.g. the agricultural sector.

To insure the continuity of the company, Michele Bellù, son of the CEA founder, will be nominated CEO of VIGNAL CEA, 100% subsidiary of VIGNAL LIGHTING GROUP. At the same time, he will become a shareholder of the holding VIGNAL LIGHTING GROUP along with other managers.

The consolidated sales for the Group will reach about 85 millions euros in 2016.

Jean-Louis Coutin, CEO of Vignal Lighting Group, said:

« VIGNAL LIGHTING GROUP is going on with his expansion strategy. With the acquisition of ABL Lights, the Group is now able to supply lighting systems : working lamps and driving lamps. Together with CEA, VIGNAL will offer a large range of safety/lighting/signaling products. All our product ranges may be produced in Europe, North America or in Asia for on-road or off-road applications: trucks, trailers, light commercial vehicles, construction or forestry vehicles, mining, handling or other special vehicles. Thanks to various synergies that we will be able to create, I am convinced that we will be able to achieve additional turnover on a mid-term basis ».

PRESS RELEASE Mario Bellù, CEO of CEA, said:

«I was very pleased to manage and develop the CEA group during more than 60 years. I fully trust the teams of JeanLouis Coutin who will, together with my son Michele, continue the expansion of the company thanks to the business synergies that they will be able to generate together. »

Michele Bellù, new CEO of VIGNAL CEA, said:

« After more than 20 years working with my father in the company CEA, I am very proud to lead this new step in the development of the company with VIGNAL. The expertise of VIGNAL will be a strong support for our teams to design and produce new high-tech products and systems « Made in Switzerland ».

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