Vignal Lighting Group, specialist of lighting and signalling for industrial and commercial vehicles

Vignal Lighting Group is specializes in the designing, manufacture and marketing of lighting and signalling porducts and systems for insdutrial and commercial vehicles.
It is the result of the combination in 2014 of Vignal Systems and ABL Lights, which have acquired, over time, each in their respective business sector, an international reputation through increasingly innovative products and high quality.
In 2016, Vignal Lighting Group further expands its product lines with the acquisition of CEA SA, a company based in Rancate, Switzerland, specializing in emergency beacons and safety products for special vehicles, particularly in the agricultural sector.
Employing about 500 employees, Vignal Lighting Group posts a turnover of more than 100 million euros.
The group's R & D centers are located in France in the industrial areas of Lyon and Caen and in Switzerland in Rancate.




The group's main customers are on-road and off-road vehicle manufacturers


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For a better service, the group has production sites on three continents: Europe, America and Asia. Vignal Lighting Group is recognized for its lighting and signaling products (taillight, searchlight, work light, beacons, position light, direction indicator, light bars, auxiliary light, signaling system, etc.), which makes it an undisputed leader in its OE and replacement markets.
With its long experience, the group has always been able to innovate and create new technologies. As an example, it was the first to introduce a 100% LED taillight in a series of trucks in Europe, and it was also the precursor to deliver LED high beams to a well-known brand of forklift trucks. .
Vignal Lighting Group's strategy is to continue to grow internationally by offering its know-how to many customers around the world.
At the same time, the group is constantly investing in new product lines to offer qualitative solutions that meet the ever-increasing demands of its users.
As part of its CSR strategy, the Group's R & D centers design products and systems in compliance with international regulatory requirements.
In addition, the group relies on its various international locations to provide its customers
locally and limit its environmental impacts.