Finalist Automechanika Innovation Awards 2022

Finalist Automechanika Innovation Awards 2022

We are pleased to announce that our innovative product SESA Tunes Advanced AVAS and Multi-Function Audible Solution is finalist at the Automechanika Innovation Awards in the category E-Mobility.

SESA Tunes is the unique intelligent (CAN/FMS) multi-function audible solution able to pilot, adjust & diffuse all exterior sounds on electric & hybrid vehicles, including AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Audible Sound required by ECE-R138), gong urban sound and reverse alarm.

What is SESA Tunes’ ambition?

SESA Tunes is a game changing road safety solution integrating incremental innovation. Indeed, this range is the only solution able to gather and adjust several sound functions in one compact device able to evolve along vehicle’s life. Moreover, major risks associated to hybrid & electric vehicles are concerning movements in urban areas with low-speed limits that means between 0 & 20 km/h involving low noise from tyres on the road & low aerodynamic noises. Owing to SESA Tunes, hybrid and electric vehicles can now play all major 3 exterior sounds with custom-made sound levels adapted to alert all road users such as R138 AVAS sound without creating over sound pollution, a major issue in town.


How SESA Tunes provides a major impact on e-mobility market?

  •  SESA Tunes is innovative as it is the only solution on the market integrating all sounds management as well as sounds settings adjustments (priorities and levels): a major key benefit for vehicle manufacturers willing to avoid sound pollution.
  •  Owing to its settings adjustment, SESA Tunes is the only device of the market enabling vehicle manufacturers and fleets owners to easily adapt to the demand all exterior sounds settings managed. Therefore, SESA Tunes is the only intelligent and multifunction sound solution of the market able to address current and future safety sound needs. This innovation is the only durable AVAS equipment of the market able to evolve owing to its settings adjustment.