SESA SIGN & DISPLAY - Luminous messages display for industrial vehicles

Ref. SSD

Garbage collectors & road crew interventions on public roads are risky & devalued jobs : The waste collection professions are exposed to twice as many work accidents than the national average according to INRS (National Research and Safety... Read more
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Brand Sesaly
Voltage 12/24 V
Source LED
Lens Material Polycarbonate
Housing Material Aluminium
IP protection IP66
EMC ECE R10-06
Industry Construction, Trucks

Garbage collectors & road crew interventions on public roads are risky & devalued jobs:
  • The waste collection professions are exposed to twice as many work accidents than the national average according to INRS (National Research and Safety Institute for the Prevention of Work Accidents and Occupational Diseases in France)
  • In 2018, there were 10 deaths of ripeurs in France and 3,779 accidents with interuption in employment and this mainly caused by incivility, of users behind the wheel according to a study from the Ministry of Labor, as of January 1, 2019.
How can these risks be reduced?
  • By interacting with users on collection vehicles.
  • By delivering a message on the collection vehicles able to explain to their action in order to convey a positive image of garbage collectors or road crew people and their essential work for the community.
To do this, SESALY imagined and created SESA Sign & Display, a new dynamic and intelligent communication device that increases  road user safety. + The only ultra-bright amber or RGBW on-board display, + Available in 3 sizes, + Able ro display scrolling texts or illustrations (pictograms), + Reprogrammable to renew your communication endlessly.   SESA Sign & Display is a range of on-board luminous displays designed by SESALY, an equipment manufacturer specializing in the design and manufacture of lighting and sound solutions for the comfort and safety of industrial vehicles. This range of latest generation LED message signs designed to provide safety around intervention vehicles offers many technical advantages:
  • It is available in three models: long amber LED (1550 x 180 x 67.8 mm), compact amber LED (1070 x 180 x 67.8 mm) and premium LED RGBW (700 x 280 x 67, mm)
  • This luminous solution operates with a supply voltage of 12 / 24Vdc (9/32).
  • Its power is ultra bright: 5000 cd / m².
  • Depending on the lighting ambience, the brightness is automatically adjusted using a photoelectric cell.
  • Robust, it is composed of a 4 mm polycarbonate glass and an aluminum box with RAL 9005 epoxy paint.
  • Ultra resistant, this luminous solution resists polarity reversals and overvoltages. Its waterproof rating is 66 (IP).
  • It complies with the EMC R10 06 regulations (electromagnetic compatibility).
  • It has been designed to operate at a temperature ranging from -20 ° C to + 65 ° C.
  • The texts or pictograms are pre-programmed and can be automatically activated. 4 analogue inputs can be controlled via switches or via control boxs (under development).
  • As options, on request, it is possible to add lateral fixing brackets, on request.
  • This product has a 2 years garantee.
The new messages to be displayed is loaded with the DC 600 box with a simple USB stick. It transmits the new visual messages to be displayed thanks to the RS485 communication standard. Owing to its simple browsing system, it is easy to use.
  • This command board is composed of a compact alphanumeric keyboard with thermoformed keys and a transflective LCD screen with a resolution of 122 x 32 pixels.
  • It works with a operating voltage of 12/24 Vdc (ISO 16750) by wire.
  • Guaranteed for 2 years, it has been designed to resist to polarity reversals, surges and short circuits.
  • Its aluminum cover is painted with anti-UV powder
  • The dimensions of the front panel: 192 x 62 x 26 mm
  • The dimensions of the case (DIN ISO 7736): 178 x 50 mm
References Long version: SSD.144.8.OR Compact version: SSD.96.8.OR Premium version: SSD.80.24.RGB Command board: DC 600
Dimensions of the active area Long version: 1463 x 81.3 mm Compact version: 975.4 x 81.3 mm Premium version: 609.6 x 182.9 mm
Product box dimensions Long version: 1550 x 180 x 67.8 mm Compact version: 1070 x 180 x 67.8 mm Premium version: 700 x 280 x 67.5 mm
LED type Long version: yellow LED Compact version: yellow LED Premium version: RGB LED
Weigt Long version: 9.1 kg Compact version: 6.5 kg Premium version: 5.9 kg
Standard messages configured

Fixed display or in alternating mode of 2 messages, in scrolling mode from right to left or vice versa or alternately

  • Long version: standard messages to be configured from 18 characters maximum
  • Compact version: standard messages to be configured from 12 characters maximum

Personalized display on demand in the form of text and / or images designed by our teams.

  • Premium version: RGBW LED

Screens: 4 mm polycarbonate pane, aluminum casing with RAL 9005 epoxy paint.

Control box: aluminum box painted with anti-UV powder, compact alphanumeric keypad with thermoformed keys and transflective LCD screen

Supply voltage 12/24 (9/32) Vdc

Screens: ECE R10 06 (electromagnetic compatibility), waterproofing protection index of 66 (IP)

Control box: RS485 communication standard

Fixation (on request) Lateral fixing brackets
Garantee 2 years