Vignal Lighting Group, specialist of lighting and signalling for industrial and commercial vehicles


Vignal Lighting Group is a union of several companies :


Vignal is recognized as a brand of superior quality, designed and manufactured in order to comply with the specifications of the most accurate manufacturers.

A true leader and specialist in signaling products for industrial vehicles. From taillights to position lights, Vignal offers a full range of signaling products that allow your vehicle to be seen by road and off-road users. This implies respect and full knowledge of international regulations to achieve a product that will improve the safety of all involved. Vignal is an expert in terms of design requirements, photometry and optics and will accompany you throughout the life of your project.


ABL is an international premium brand, technology leader capitalizing on many years of experience in lighting for all industrial applications.

After several decades of developing and manufacturing lighting projectors, incorporating the most advanced and innovative LED technologies for ever more efficient products, ABL is a reference brand chosen by the world's largest manufacturers of industrial vehicles.

The history of ABL Lights began in 1875, under the name of Auteroche, to position itself strategically on the accompaniment of its customers in the permanent search for solutions able to surpass their needs.

A global player, with factories in the USA, France and China, the ABL brand is the leader in performance, customer service and technical support required by the most prestigious names in the Heavy Duty industry.


Based in Rancate, Switzerland, CEA is a recognized specialist in security systems for special vehicles: rotating beacons, light strips, work lights, fire extinguisher boxes, warning triangles ...
Its products have a very strong reputation, especially in the agricultural sector and specialized distribution, where they are marketed under different brands, notably the Sacex brand.
CEA is able to develop tailor-made products for its customers by capitalizing on its skills in optics, electronics and mechanics as well as on a quality industrial tool.


NBB is a premium brand recognized by professional users of auxiliary lighting, which develops and manufactures additional aesthetic and efficient headlamps for passenger cars and trucks in the Nordic region, and more generally where light is lacking during harsh winter periods.

Founded in 1992, after a long history in the development and manufacture of automotive headlamps, the NBB brand specializes in auxiliary headlamps, with the aim of always providing its end customers with the best products, demonstrating exemplary performance and reliability under extreme conditions of use.